Rockwall Sunday

Rockwall Crits went well Sunday. We ELBOWZ were only 3 strong and with the flat windy course doing any chasing was a losing proposition. We had to be attentive and always go with the bigger moves and be represented. We covered a few moves here and there from the gun, letting the odd solo rider have their space. Once the race had heated up I started a move of 5 that had most of the big teams represented and Bret came across per usual. When he got there we dropped the hammer and shed a few so we were down to 4. Nick Torraca patrolled the dwindling field and waited for us to lap which we did at halfway to go. Bret and I each got in solo moves but the other breakaway riders had their lapped teammates keeping us in check and with the 20+mph winds being solo didn't last very long. Finally as Bret was getting caught from a solo move, Nick attacked to shred the field into 3 groups and once it all came back together I launched hard to throw a dagger. Bret (who smartly eased up before he was caught when he knew he couldn't ride away solo) saw the competition's heads' drop in despair, jumped, and came across to me almost immediately. With 10 laps to go we didn't look back and knew we had it won. I let Bret down by losing the sprint on Saturday so I had to pay him back by towing him around to the finish. Ha JK! We like to trade turns winning and Sunday Bret was due. After Bret and I had flown the coop, Nick got away with Sam Croft (Giant) and won the sprint for 5th. Nick is a great teammate and learning more all the time. It won't be long until he is the one throwing daggers at the end!


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