Joe Martin race report by Matt Gosling

Joe Martin Stage Race cat 1/2 field stage 2:
The morning started off with thunderstorms and the unknown if a race was going to even start. We lined up in the sub 50 degree rain and immediately in the neutral zone flats started. A large wreck at mile 30 covered the entire road and many, including myself, had to chase back on. Once the group was back together a Moto went down on a roller and again caused another chase.

A break rolled at about 45 and the field was content. We rolled on towards the mountain and there was much concern of a tailwind as this would have favored the feather weights and caused some damage. I moved toward the front and found the climb to not be that bad. It was a steady pace and once over the top it was full gas. The remaining miles just disappeared as we descended at an insane pace.

As we approached the finish everyone seemed to have hidden energy and here was a lot of jockeying for position. The final stretch in it seemed we took up 6 lanes as the field was all over the place. Left turn, then right, then a kicker that will make 110 feel like 200. I was good through the kicker, but the finishing false flat was the longest I have ever seen a finishing banner.

I was stoked to finish in the front group during a tough stage with not so great conditions. Today we on to another 92 miles and a challenging crit on Sunday.


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