About Me

My name is Mat Stephens. I started racing in 2000 when I attended Texas A&M University and joined the Cycling Team....

I currently race for Boneshaker D1 Racing for 2014. We attend many Texas Cup races and will travel to a number of NRC, NCC, and even UCI events.

My simplified training philosophy:

1. Balance - Your body absorbs stress, rests, and recovers. Think of it on the shortest of cycles in your life, your day.  You wake, get started, do what you do, relax, and sleep. Every day, pretty much. Start messing with the formula and you end up paying for it somewhere. Maybe not tomorrow, not next week, but it will catch up. I try to balance the stress that your training has on you with your other life, the life of school/work, social, and free time. Everyone handles stress differently and can handle a different amount. 

2. Specificity - A specific sport requires specific training. If you want overall body health, we can incorporate workouts to acheive that.  If you want to be at your best for this summer's 40k time trial, well we need to be specific to that.  Being specific in our training also helps us be more efficient with your time, getting the most benefit with each mile. You get to spend more of your busy life doing what you want (or need) to do.

3. Enjoyment - What's the point if this whole thing isn't enjoyable? Yes, some days when it's cold and you're lazy maybe you need a kick in the pants to get out the door.  Finding what works for you is why I'm here with you. To find how you enjoy training, will keep you out there longer, going longer, and have more fun doing it.

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