Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Giro Rosa Stage 4 by the hour

So far I've been talking about the race. Today was fairly uneventful as the peloton never let anything get off the front. The pace was high on the few climbs but most everyone was able to keep up and then it was a fight for the finish. I cruised in behind the mad dash up the finish hill, and will be ready for tomorrow.

As far as my day, here's how it went:

Wake up 5 min before alarm

walk down for breakfast, try to relax but 5 other teams fighting for food/service

8:45 back in room packing bag
9:15 at the van to load up to go to stage
9:29 rolling out 1 min early
9:52 arrive at stage find parking on the streets with steep hills
10:00 go to sign in only one other team waiting today so it will be fast
10:10 go search for a restroom
10:20 getting PowerBar race food ready
10:35 head to the start line find some shade to wait in
10:45 130k race start 10k of neutral all down hill through the town.... 40k into the race we stop for a train, team cars bring water & girls take nature break.... 1k of neutral again
2:05 finish race Claudia got 5th
2:15 cleaning up getting sandwiches and fruit from Nadia (swany) for transfer
2:45 loaded and leaving race for over 500k transfer (the longest one of the tour)
3:15 stop for gas and more food
3:45 settled in the van watch a movie on my iPad to relax
4:15 eat some more
5:37 still in car
6:05 stop for gas
8:10 we made it!!
8:31 shower
8:47 walk down for dinner (we are the only team at this hotel, it will be relaxing)
9:45 massage
10:15 meeting
10:30 meeting over 
11:00 write this all down. 

time to sleep tomorrow is going to be hard two climbs one right from the start and one at the finish and its not easy in between 


Monday, July 1, 2013

Giro Rosa Stage 2

This morning we left a little early so we could go drive the 25k circuit. It was nice to see the whole course before racing. There's usually so much going on that you don't get many opportunities to see the entire course. 

Once Team TIBCO parked, had a short meeting, and signed in, a few of us headed out to warm up and ride a few sections of the course. Today's route
 was going to be a tough one. It was 4 laps with a flase flat into a 1km steep climb at the beginning of each circuit. The corner heading into the climb had a median in the middle of it so it was going to be tricky with a large field.  Unlike yesterday, the field was sure to break up heading to the finish. 

The first lap was very tight, it's always that way because everyone is fresh. As we counted down the laps there was a little more room to move up through the field as the miles, I mean kilometers, wore on.

There were sprint points on the line at 1 to go and that was going to be a critical part in the race.  Just before then we started the last lap, Claudia Haussler, our pink jersey hope, had a flat. Chantal Blaak and Jasmine Glaesser stopped with her. I panicked a little bit and wasn't sure what to do. Initially I started to stop with them, then I went with my 2nd instinct, the advice of my husband, and waited at the back. It was perfect. Just after the start/finish line I started to hear the cars honking which meant a rider was coming up through the cars. I looked back and there was Chantal with Claudia on her wheel. The field was racing towards the climb and after Chantal dropped Claudia off at the back of the long line that was the field, I motored past all of them to deliver her just in time to start the climb at the front of bunch. I was blown but Shelley Olds had stayed in a top position and was able to take over care of Claudia over the climb.

It was a good thing I started at the front of the climb because I used the entire length of the 150 rider peloton to fall back as I wobbled up the 16% pitch. I recovered all I could after this maximum effort for the last time up the climb. I was being patient in 'conserve' mode and found myself in a split of 15 just off the main group over the top of the climb. I rode within myself confident we would catch back on. I also knew I had more work to do once we caught in keeping Claudia safe to the finish and making sure there were no time gaps. As soon as we caught I went to find Claudia. When I saw her Jo Kiesanowski was with her so I was more calm, knowing we both could work together to keep Claudia up front. For the last 15km, Jo and I tried to keep the 'Claudia bubble' up at the front, moving her up and keeping others out of her way. The sprint finally started and we all rode in together across the line. It was a chaotic day but at the end we kept Claudia in contention so it was 'lavoro ben fatto' and we will 'combattere di nuovo domani'!    

Lorena (Lauren)