Other Services

I have over 10+ years in the bicycle industry and can service not just your physical needs.

Mechanic Services:
General services - $50/hr - Cheaper than any bike shop.
Pro (Tour) Builds - $200 - There is no factory grease left on the bike...every bike is worthy of a photo shoot.
House-Call Fee: $15 each trip in Dallas County.  Price is on case-by-case basis outside Dallas County.

Customization is what I love the most.  Ask me what we can do to make your ride special!

Fitting Services:
I have performed hundreds of bicycle fits and am sensitive to many alignment issues that cause injury and pain having experienced this myself.  I use slow motion video and measure all your important biomechanical angles. You receive a fit sheet of your bikes measurements so that you can replicate your fit on another or future bicycle.

Athletes receive 50% discount on fittings.
  • Basic Fit - $75 - For the "I have this bike and nobody set the saddle for me or showed me what was what". We move around the saddle, bars, stem to get you where you want to be.
  • Pro Fit - $200 - For the "I have this bike I had set up but I don't think I am as comfortable or powerful as I could be". We look at alignment, pedalling style, cleat placement, and move everything around to get you at your best. 
  • TT/Tri Pro Fit - $250 - Same as the pro fit with additional consideration given to aerodynamics and Watts vs. Drag relationship.
All Pro Fits and TT/Tri Fits completed at Bicycles Plus Snider Plaza location.

Consignment Sales:
Let me sell your old junk! I sell equipment for various local cycling teams and have done so for numerous years now. Please inquire for details.