Giro Rosa Stage 4 by the hour

So far I've been talking about the race. Today was fairly uneventful as the peloton never let anything get off the front. The pace was high on the few climbs but most everyone was able to keep up and then it was a fight for the finish. I cruised in behind the mad dash up the finish hill, and will be ready for tomorrow.

As far as my day, here's how it went:

Wake up 5 min before alarm

walk down for breakfast, try to relax but 5 other teams fighting for food/service

8:45 back in room packing bag
9:15 at the van to load up to go to stage
9:29 rolling out 1 min early
9:52 arrive at stage find parking on the streets with steep hills
10:00 go to sign in only one other team waiting today so it will be fast
10:10 go search for a restroom
10:20 getting PowerBar race food ready
10:35 head to the start line find some shade to wait in
10:45 130k race start 10k of neutral all down hill through the town.... 40k into the race we stop for a train, team cars bring water & girls take nature break.... 1k of neutral again
2:05 finish race Claudia got 5th
2:15 cleaning up getting sandwiches and fruit from Nadia (swany) for transfer
2:45 loaded and leaving race for over 500k transfer (the longest one of the tour)
3:15 stop for gas and more food
3:45 settled in the van watch a movie on my iPad to relax
4:15 eat some more
5:37 still in car
6:05 stop for gas
8:10 we made it!!
8:31 shower
8:47 walk down for dinner (we are the only team at this hotel, it will be relaxing)
9:45 massage
10:15 meeting
10:30 meeting over 
11:00 write this all down. 

time to sleep tomorrow is going to be hard two climbs one right from the start and one at the finish and its not easy in between 



  1. Great account of the day. Interesting life of a PRO cyclist! Thanks for the info!!!


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