Day 2 Nature Valley Grand Prix

Cannon Falls is a 93 mile road race for the men and women. This is an unusually long road race for the women. The most exciting thing that happened in the race was when the break took a wrong half way through the race. We were making our way through a town with a series of turns as we come up on a right hand turn suddenly the break is heading towards us making a left hand turn on to the same road. The race was neutralized. The officials decide to stop the peloton to re-establish the 40sec gap. I wish I had a picture the riders were scattered across the road with the cars spread out behind. Directors were out of the car bringing food and water to there riders. Girls were taking the opportunity to take care of nature.  And the best part was they stopped us at the bottom of a hill. 

At the last QOH a new break of three was off the front. Claudia attacked up the hill stringing out the whole field up the hill. It all settled down at the top but the break was still up the road. 

The next important section of the race was a gravel road the team plan was full gas on the dirt then see what happens. Amanda went in first wheel with the team lined up behind her. The group was all back together and we were almost to the finishing four two mile circuits. The race was aggressive through the finishing circuits. Claudia got in a break but was caught just before the final lap. About kilometer from the line there was a steep hill. My job was to lead out to the top of that hill. With Claudia sitting second wheel with Shelley on her I made a move to the front just before the turn on to the hill and I sprinted to the top. There were a few more turns to the finish but all down hill until the final 100 meters. Jade Wilcoxson (Optum) took first and Shelley took 2nd. It wasn't our day but tomorrow is a new day at the uptown Crit Friday evening. 


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