Cedar Hill

Here are some pics from this past weekend's Cedar Hill Circuit Races. Bret and I were in the break of 3 on Saturday with Bret taking the win and me 3rd. Sunday we had a few less teammates and I ended up alone in a break of 4 with ex-Pro field sprinter Jason Waddell and two Think Finance/Mercy teammates Colton Jarisch and Caleb Fuchs. I ended up losing the sprint to Jason and getting 2nd. I was being more conservative because of the situation and in hindsight I still don't know, there were hundreds of decisions to be made in the last few laps and who knows what would have happened! That's why we toe the line and not ask for power files at the start of the race! The good news is after a hard first day I didn't fade and was still able to have snap and good power, looks like training is going pretty good.


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